MLP Annual 2014 Zapp
Kind Pegasus
Residence Canterlot
Maretropolis (formerly)
Sex Female
Inspiration Storm
Powers Weather manipulation
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Princess Aurora
Theme None
Player Imperfect
"Unholster the lightning bolt!"
— Zapp's battle cry

Zapp is a veteran member of the Power Ponies and Justice League of Equestria, serving to protect the city of Maretropolis alongside the Masked Matter-Horn, Mistress Mare-velous, Radiance, Fili-Second, Saddle Rager, and Hum Drum. Through her lightning bolt-shaped necklace, Zapp is able to harness the mighty forces of nature.

When the Power Ponies expanded into the Justice League some time ago and threats to Maretropolis spread to other Equestrian cities, it was decided that the Power Ponies would divide their forces and spread out as well to protect (or assist in the protection of) major cities from such everyday threats. Zapp was assigned to the city of Canterlot.