Since Noci is currently locked up until Arthur/UT comes back to play Luna (If she never comes back the only other thing he has to do is manage his kingdom) and Breakdown/Levi has no problems until Lex comes after him (I.E. When Arthur/UT comes back) or some sort of intergalactic law enforcement comes by to punish him for causing massive destruction on a galactic scale I have pretty much nothing to do so I decided it'd be a good idea to introduce a new character. One with more direct involvement in the JLE. Any suggestions for one?

EDIT: Heres what I have so far

Hero: Ironworks

Secret Identity: Black Smith

Powers: Metal manipulation, reverse engineering, advanced technological skills, advanced spell casting (specializing in soul based magic).

Inspiration: Magneto, Forge

Description: Normally a well grounded and emotionless fellow. He becomes incredibly enthusiastic whenever inventing or forging are involved.

Apperance: Steampunk blacksmith. (Hightech but old fashioned looking armor, apron, covered in soot, carries around some sort of hightech hammer perhaps.)