Kind Changeling
Residence Mobile
Nicknames None.
Sex Male
Inspiration The first and third Spymasters
Powers Mastery in espionage
Mastery at hoof-to-hoof combat
Expert marksman
Expert hacker
Natural Changeling shapeshifting
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Sinclair Calloway
Theme None
Player ShadowPirateX

Sinclair Calloway is an expert at espionage, often getting himself into the heart of any fortress without anyone suspecting. His natural shapeshifting ability inherent in all Changelings and his lightly armored stealth suit makes the already capable stealth operative a force to be reckoned with. An unseen one, that is.

He has recently taken up the Spymaster mantle.


At early age, Sinclair discovered he had an affinity for espionage. While other Changelings were good at hiding in plain sight, Sinclair was also good at hiding out of sight.

He eventually began working as a spy for hire, usually the highest bidder. He recieved a lightly armored stealth suit from the contractor he worked the most for, Neighson Wynn.


Sinclair has a somewhat serious attitude, especially when it comes to his job or dangerous situations. He does have sense of humor, cracking an occasional joke now and then, and usually has a calm and relaxed attitude, even when taken by surprise.


Lady JusticeEdit

Sinclair met Lady Justice during his (Failed) assassination attempt on Parlys the Pale. The two's first meeting wasn't excactly a friendly one, but they soon overcame their differences and teamed up to track down Parlys. She eventually helped Sinclair cut all ties to Neighson Wynn after he confessed his allegiance to him. He considers Lady Justice his best and only friend.