Omega Z
Kind Android
Residence Lost Faction of Trotham
Inspiration Bastion
Powers AI control and technopathy
Energy Projection
Genius-level intellect
Master hacker
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity
Theme None
Player Enclave
"This is the price of war We rise with noble intentions And we risk all that is pure We are only as great as our hearts will allow"
— Final Phrase of the journal that detailed Omega Z's development

Omega Z was both an A.I. and a "super Android" designed to both combat, lidearence and to be a peace bringer.


He was going to be the final product of research that was aiming for creating an android capable of leading groups and armies from both far and near, bring peace for the world and the ability to control even billions of diferent machines if avaible even robots . Each part of him is consist of nanobots that can make him regenarate when taking damage unless that part is destroyed but he has a almost unlimited stock of nanobots and a central computer that can get his A.I. if the current body is destroyed completely. When he was finished Bayne's attack begins and Bayne had a computer virus that made machines enter a frenzy wich it did in most of the bases killing most of its residents but in Omega Z the effect was diferent and made him believe that the only way to obtain total peace was to turn every creature in the planet into cyborgs connected to him but before he could go out and proced the bunker where he was in was locked down and the energy was turned of because of Bayne's succed in his plans that until Wanderer acidently reactivated him and made him able to comeback and transform most of Trotham city's population into cyborgs.