A number of nurses have aided the doctors of Maretropolis General in their clinical work. In addition to caring for the infirm, most nurses perform other roles akin to those of technicians.

Blue Shield, N.P.Edit

See also: Nurse Blue Shield

Nurse Blue Shield was an Earth pony nurse practitioner at Maretropolis General until her untimely death during the gaseous Venom attack. She acted as a bouncer against surlier visitors, and Doctor Mid-Nite even armed her with NeoBay's old bazooka for that position. Few visitors dared to cross Blue Shield's unyielding protectiveness.

Brokenheart, R.N.Edit

Nurse Brokenheart is a bespectacled unicorn nurse at Maretropolis General and Blue Shield's successor as "hospital bouncer." Dull and unassertive, Brokenheart is best recognized for her monotone voice and stunning brevity of speech. She tends to take questions and commands too literally.

Feeble Heart, R.N.Edit

Nurse Feeble Heart is an Earth pony nurse at Maretropolis General and de facto technician for Doctor Mid-Nite. She specializes in readying patients for surgery. Her whereabouts have been unknown since the hospital's gas attack.

Freeheart, R.N.Edit

See also: Decibelle

Freeheart, now known as Decibelle, was a Pegasus nurse at Maretropolis General until the gas attack. She assisted Doctor Mid-Nite in restraining Captain Orbit and other minor tasks, though she seems to have stuck to the higher floors of the building. She left her job for good and joined the Justice League of Equestria after she acquired sonic powers and bat's wings.

Luckyheart, R.N.Edit

Nurse Luckyheart is a nurse from Baltimare.

Warmheart, N.P.Edit

Nurse Warmheart is the leading care provider on board the Neightalus. Serving under Captain Nero and directly under Deep Heart for 12 years, until the later's promotion to Staff Captain. She later moved to Maretropolis where she now practices at Maretropolis General.