Kind Pegasus
Residence Manehattan
Nicknames Mia


Sex Female
Inspiration Black Widow
Winter Soldier
Powers Super-stealth
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Amelia
Theme None
Player Amelia

Origin Edit

Years ago, Amelia lived in Manehattan with her friends, taking on a job as a writer. But as time went on, She started having nightmares involving her past. As her fear grew, the more darkness increased inside. As this continued months later, she left her home. During her journey away, she came across an Alicorn Amulet, which she began weilding, unaware of what it was doing to her. Combining her fear and anger with the Magic coming from her Amulet, those emotions took form, creating a dark being inside of her. By the time she discovered what she had done, it was too late to remove the Amulet from her neck. but with the help of Hell Phenoix, it was out of her possession. She is now seeking a new route to take, without the help of any dark magic.

Personality Edit

Growing up Amelia was a very joyful filly, always smiling and laughing. but as time went on, her heart became full of fear and darkness, which lead her to doing many things she regrets. After wearing an Alicorn Amulet for as long as she had, it corrupted her and the way she responds to other ponies. She tries to run from her problems as often as she can, because of her fear in facing them.