Kind Pegasus
Residence Balkham Asylum
Nicknames None
Sex Male
Inspiration Long-Face
Powers Sadness gas
Expert chemist
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Harvey Rein
Theme None
Player Klepto
"You can't stop the Mane-iac!! She will make this city a place of despair! For every day we've spent in this asylum... Maretropolis will pay with fear..."
— To Goldfin

Long-Face is a partially insane villain, and a resident of Balkham Asylum. He takes a sadistic pleasure in the despair and emotional torment of others; his modus operandi is simply causing as much misery as possible in other ponies.


Long-Face was among the many "patients" of Balkham Asylum who were released from confinement as a result of the Mane-iac's takeover. The rogue inmates, including Long-Face, quickly overwhelmed most of the asylum staff before the Power Ponies could arrive. Long-Face himself wasted no time in recovering his signature chemical weapons and using a potent fuming vial to temorarily mutate several of his fellow inmates into hulking brutes. After Smudge stole Captain Orbit's gravity powers, Long-Face made his way to the dingy room where the act had occurred; however, Orbit and Goldfin were able to fill Smudge's body with enough foreign matter to effectively subdue him, and Long-Face was unable to prevent Orbit from regaining his powers. Goldfin proceeded to interrogate Long-Face, demanding to know the Mane-iac's location, but the defiant villain refused to confess even as she kicked him repeatedly.

Long-Face was temporarily transferred to Blackgait Supermax Penitentiary as a result of the Balkham riot, which, although eventually brought under control, left the asylum in desperate need of repair and restaffing. He was among the inmates who managed to escape the prison during the riot that Noci inadvertently helped to spark. After scampering away from the prison complex, Long-Face was able to hide in a cave situated in one of the surrounding mountains. He ambushed Noci and his prison search party as they came in after him, then fled deeper into the caves.

Noci took control of a pack of diamond dogs living in the caves after winning a duel with their alpha. One of Noci's first commands was for almost the entire pack to hunt Long-Face down and bring him back alive, an order which they managed to fulfill. Two of Noci's diamond dogs then held the still-conscious pony off the ground as their alpha slowly amputated one of the hapless stallion's forelegs; Long-Face could only watch helplessly as his severed limb was thrown to dogs and eaten. The sheer shock and slow blood loss from his hastily torniqueted and bandaged wound pulled Long-Face into unconsciousness as Noci later returned him to the prison.


Long-Face is partially insane, and revels in the psychological suffering of others. He makes use of his signature "sadness gas" to bring about torment, and is one to stare into his enemies' eyes as they tremble in terror. However, he still has a sane side and is not above his own fear, as evidenced during his brutal encounter with Noci as the diamond dog slowly amputated his foreleg.


Power PoniesEdit

Long-Face loathes anypony he perceives as an obstacle in his endless mission to blanket Maretropolis in despair. As such, the Power Ponies are at the top of his "most hated" list, right next to happiness and contentment.