Kind Unicorn
Residence New JLE Headquarters
Nicknames Smithy, Ironmaiden
Sex Male
Inspiration Magneto
Powers Metal manipulation
Genius-level reverse engineering
Advanced technological skills
Advanced spell-casting
Soul magic
Weakness Emptiness, electricity, cold
Resistance Heat
Secret identity Black Smith
Theme None
Player The2ndPlayer

Origin Edit

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Discord Edit

Ironworks' first and one of his best friends. He finds Discord's chaotic nature enjoyable (most of the time) and knows that if he's ever in trouble that he can rely on Discord to help get him out of it. Between this and all the gifts, Black Smith feels as though he's not doing nearly as much for Discord as he should.

Glaive Edit

The pony Ironworks trust most. He seeks his aid whenever he's having emotional problems or is in trouble.

Goldfin Edit

Initially shared a mutual hatred for her due to them constantly butting heads. Became neutral after she requested one of his biggest projects to date.

Dazzling Light Edit

Ironworks' former lover. After going through a stress filled relationship and having to rescue her from the apocalypse, Ironworks has decided he wants nothing to do with her.

Obscure Acolyte Edit

Ironworks respects Acolyte for his ability to create incredible devices but finds his recklessness in what he creates rather bothersome. He remains bitter that Acolyte would rather give his vast wealth of knowledge to a foal than him.

Gungnir Edit

Gungnir is Ironworks' current lover, and a mare whom the smith feels is the embodiment of most of his goals. Through her soul connection, Gungnir grants Ironworks the courage to go about without his armor and has already saved his life on multiple occasions. She has also imbued him with the agelessness of an alicorn—an invulnerability which Ironworks had long dreamed of achieving. The two of them are inseparable and are expecting a foal together.