Kind Bat-pony/Pegasus hybrid
Residence New JLE Headquarters
Trotham (formerly)
Nicknames Blood
Sex Male
Inspiration Hayden Tenno, various reformed Marvel villains
Powers Heightened strength, agility, and senses
Weapon mastery
Hacking, sabotage, and infiltration mastery
Pain immunity
Weakness Mental and magical assault
Resistance Physical assault, environmental extremes
Secret identity Bloodwing
Theme Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 1
Player Klepto
"If this city has a thousand trials behind it I believe it will overcome the thousand and first."
— Glaive to Captain Orbit

Glaive is a vigilante and member of the Maretropolis branch of the Justice League of Equestria.

Origin Edit

Glaive was born in Trotham, but never knew his parents. An orphan from day one, he was practically left in the cold, rainy streets of Trotham to die. A shrouded stallion took the infant pony under his own care; this stallion would turn out to be the elusive head of Thrush, one of Trotham's most dangerous and unpredictable criminal groups. He raised the orphan, training him as an agent to pursue his own nefarious goals.

Bloodwing, a quiet but resourceful colt, named himself at a young age. By the time he had grown to young stallionhood, he had a place among Trotham's most lethal hopefuls for villainy. But his adoptive father was secretly developing a techno-organic virus strain, and he kept this project hidden from all, including Bloodwing. Anypony infected with the virus would quickly begin to mutate, becoming partially metallic; the intense pain of the transformation would drive the infected to violent insanity. Unbeknownst to all others, Bloodwing's father planned to release the virus all over Trotham. The criminal mastermind, nearly mad, infected his own adopted son as a test subject. Bloodwing found himself transforming into something different as his whole right foreleg mutated to become seemingly encased with a greyish-silver metal. He had a salvation from insanity, however, in the form of a rare genetic defect; Bloodwing has congenital analgesia, which leaves him with the inability to feel pain. Because of this disorder, Bloodwing was able to remain in control. Overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal, he destroyed his father, crippled the villain's terror group from the inside, and turned away from evil, taking a small group of like-minded fellow agents with him.

Bloodwing's reputation as a vigilante grew quickly in the wake of his life change. It was enough to catch the eye of the Masked Matter-Horn, then-captain of the Justice League of Equestria, who sought Bloodwing out for Maretropolis's next generation of heroes as her own team split to protect other cities. Glaive's conflicting circumstances prevented his membership at the time; they have since changed.

Personality Edit

As a young stallion who has seen more than his fair share of trouble, Glaive maintains a cool, perhaps even steely sense of maturity. He keeps a tight control over his emotions when on the hunt, processing them tactically; if he doesn't have time to think about something, he doesn't think about it.

He is quiet and more soft-spoken when not actively stalking an objective. Glaive observes thoughtfully before he makes a suggestion, keeping a polite and modest demeanor when idle.

He is approachable by most ponies he considers an ally, and is ready to work with others when the situation calls for teamwork. However, Glaive still distinguishes between working ally and real friend, and after all the betrayal that he has experienced in his life, he is careful about who he chooses to get close to. He keeps a careful veil over his own inner troubles.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Glaive is a proficient hacker, infiltrator, and saboteur, and possesses heightened strength, agility, and senses as side effects of his transformation. He is also a master in the use of many different types of weapons, though his signature weapon remains his glaive disk, for which he was named; this tri-bladed throwing weapon was a natural side effect of Bloodwing's mutated anatomy, and he makes good use of it. Glaive's inability to feel pain is another one of his best strengths, but it is somewhat of a two-edged sword, as he doesn't have pain as a way of knowing when his body is being too physically ravaged.

As a practical addition to his vigilante look, Glaive keeps a wardrobe of hooded trench coats and cloaks. Apart from providing armor-like protection and a disguise, these typically conceal an arsenal of unconventional weapons and mission-appropriate gear.

Relationships Edit

Captain OrbitEdit

Glaive was aware of Captain Orbit's reputation well before joining the League. Now under his command, Glaive follows Orbit's orders to the letter—though closer proximity to the gravity-wielding hero has made the vigilante wonder about Orbit's long-leashed leadership. A leader himself, Glaive still questions Orbit's decision to place Goldfin on leave after Bayne's probable death. It is a sacrifice, he feels, that the Power Ponies cannot afford to make.


Glaive respects Goldfin for her veteran status and verve around the Power Ponies—not her competence at co-leading them. Unlike some others, however, Glaive is willing to watch out for the aqua-heroine. When Goldfin took it on herself to track down Chance at a convention, Glaive volunteered to be her eye in the sky; when Captain Orbit placed her on leave for finishing off Bayne, Glaive protested. Goldfin may be unaware of it at times, but when she is otherwise on her own, Glaive is usually watching—or the rest of his hundred eyes, should she be out of town.


Glaive and Decibelle are on good terms. Decibelle has found respect in Glaive for her caring ways and sense of cohesion, which the vigilante recognizes is often what pulls the team together when they really need it.


Glaive respects Flashfire's young enthusiasm for her duty and that she's resourceful enough to survive it. Impressed by her power and readiness to communicate, he recognizes that she may be a finer "Power Pony" than he will ever be.


Glaive met Ironworks early upon his arrival at the League. Despite the smith's odd ways, the two came close through conversation, and they gained in respect for each other after Glaive assisted Ironworks with patching up Dazzling Light, who had been badly wounded in one of her Sensei's taxing training exercises. While Ironworks's peculiar habits prove concerning at times, Glaive trusts the armor-clad stallion and keeps an eye on him.

Kick, Lucid, and VegaEdit

Fellow agents from a time less honorable, Kick, Lucid, and Vega are Glaive's most trusted assets. They are the closest thing he has to a family, and when the Justice League team is spread far and thin, Glaive has no qualms with calling on this trio for assistance that he knows won't falter.


Bonds so strong between ponies and phoenixes are rare, but Glaive nevertheless managed to win the trust of a blue-hued chick during a trek through the mountains. Nycto is a loyal companion of Glaive and proves eager to be called upon. Whether Glaive is oblivous to his avian friend's occasional mischief or simply permits it out of amusement remains unclear.


Glaive met Inari during the conflict with Rat Trap and immediately took interest in the lone kitsune. Drawn by her abilities, single-mindedness, and, indeed, her very kind, he also noticed her relative coldness toward most of her equine allies. Since the mission to Mt. Everhoof, Glaive has gotten to know Inari a little more by way of theater outings and brief walks. He never knows when they will next meet, if ever.