Dapples the Clown
Dapples the Clown
Kind Demon (Minotaur in appearance when disguised)
Residence Hell
Nicknames None currently.
Sex Male
Inspiration Violator
Powers Superhuman strenght
Superhuman durability
High longevity
Healing factor
Demonic possession
Weakness Heavenly weapons
Resistance Conventional weaponry
Blunt trauma
Secret identity Last Laugh
Theme Violate (Iced Earth)
Player ShadowPirateX
"Heh heh heh... How does it feel? Knowing your friends are doomed for eternal damnation? Doesn't that make you... want to kill somethin'? Let out your anger on some thug who should have been butchered at birth?"
— Dapples tormenting Hell Phoenix

Dapples the Clown is a living embodiment of "looks can be decieving". While he may look like just some overweight minotaur clown, his true form is the complete opposite, as he takes the form of a tall and skinny creature with sharp claws and teeth and many hellish abilities. In this form he goes by his real name Last Laugh. He is one of the most powerful demons from the inner circles of Hell.


Last Laugh is the oldest and most powerful of six demon brothers known as the Phlebiac Brothers. He is Malebolgia's right-hand man and the mentor of Malebolgia's Hellspawns. It's his job to train Hellspawns into committing evil acts.


Last Laugh is perhaps one of the most vile beings there is. He is sadistic, brutal, cruel, ruthless and a little perverted. He greatly enjoys tearing people apart either physically or psychologically, usually both. And he doesn't make any haste doing it. There's few things he loves more than hearing screams of pain.


Hell PhoenixEdit

Hell Phoenix is the Hellspawn Last Laugh currently trains. He isn't very fond of Phoenix's rebellious personality, but he uses it as a good excuse to torment the griffon. He greatly enjoys using Hell Phoenix's love for his friends against him and will not hesitate to kill any of them.