"Ready to take a chance?"
Kind Earth Pony
Residence Chance manor
Nicknames My cute/favorite cheater, plaything
Sex Male
Inspiration The Riddler
Norman Osborn (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.)
Powers Genius-level intellect
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity None
Theme Brand New Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
Player Iliketheflimflambros


As Chance in is young life was often lonely, his father was never there for him, and his mother loving him so much, she never let him out of the house to play with other Colts and Fillies. He did get out of the house, on holidays, like Winter Wrap-up, as many of his cousins were from Ponyville. His only friend until age 5 was a Rabbit Stuffed Animal, whom Chance called "Mr. Cuddles" Chance did keep "Mr. Cuddles" after age 5, however, didn't play with him as much, after he became friends with several Colts and Mares from the surrounding buildings. Chance played with them every Winter Wrap-up. As a young Colt, Chance was obsessed with luck, hence the cutie mark, which he gained during a important game of Chance in his young life. After his father passed away, Chance was given control of his father's company, which he renamed "Chance Industries" Chance secretly, with the knowledge of only him and his personal staff, Began testing equipment in order to help enemies of the JLE.

Personality and traitsEdit

Chance is a sometimes cowardly, Sometimes manipulative schemer. He suffers from fear of sleep. Chance, even before Imprisonment, seemed alright with hiring Cat-Mare to steal After his imprisonment, he seemingly developed a more malicous personality, later killing a stallion in order to test out a new product.


Obscure AcolyteEdit

Chance first met Obscure acolyte, after hiring Cat-mare to take various variants of venom. OA Found Chance's headquarters, and after a violent attack on the Lobby of the building, Chance came out surrendering, though OA did still attempt to hurt him, teleporting him back into the lobby, after he went out into the plaza. After almost being burnt with a third-degree burn, he was slightly traumatised after the experience.


Chance and Cat-mare appear to have met before, as she refers to refer him as "her favorite cheater" and she says that she wants to work for him again. Though he doesn't usually banter her back, they do seem to get along. She also asked him if he wanted Sushi from a nearby sushi bar, Implying they get along well.

Tony TwistEdit

Tony is Chance's go to man when it comes to dangerous or illegal materials, including but not limited to exoskeletons, dangerous animals, and illegal weapons.


Chance seems to admire Long-Face's work in chemicals. He freed Long-Face from Balkham for his assistance in creating Rage gas.

Stallistar SmytheEdit

Stallistar Smythe is Chance's assistant, previously in charge of the robotics division of Chance Industries. Smythe was promoted shortly before the Chance moved all research to the Trotham Chance industries building. Now Stallistar is manager for most of Chance's projects espcially those concerning the biological and robotic division.