The Butler
Kind Earth pony
Residence New JLE Headquarters
JLE Headquarters (formerly)
Nicknames Butler
Sex Male
Inspiration Alfred
Powers Various butler skills
Emergency medicine
Domestic sciences expert
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Alfredo Sauceus Mane Whinnyworth
Theme None
Player Klepto

Alfredo Whinnyworth (better known as "The Butler") is the loyal butler/valet at the Justice League of Equestria headquarters. Serving as an indispensable assistant to the heroes of the JLA, he takes a calm, formal demeanor as he works, with a humorously sarcastic and cynical side that shines through. Though his butler's role at headquarters seems laughably unimportant compared to those of the Power Ponies he serves, Alfredo is a trustworthy friend and confidant who enjoys his job and the fact that he serves as a "father figure" to several. Alfredo's helpful skills include cooking, first aid, acting, weapon wielding (in times of crisis), and extraordinary drink tray balance.