Kind Earth pony
Residence Unknown
Nicknames Doctor Basara
Big boy
Sex Male
Inspiration Bane
Powers Peak physical condition
Genius-level intellect
Speed Bracers
Weakness Damage to Venom apparatus
Resistance Sound, blunt force
Secret identity None
Theme Bane (Arkham Origins)
Player Grovyle
"Your friends may have thwarted my trap and humbled my Venom, but know this: no matter how many times you triumph, I will be waiting around the corner. I will not tire. I will not relent. I will kill you, potro."
— Bayne to the Wanderer

Bayne is a professional assassin and the leader of an international band of mercenaries who hire themselves out to the most vicious dons of Equestria and beyond. His trademark attribute is his his Venom apparatus, which he wears underneath a black coat and unveils when an unnatural amount of strength is needed to finish a job.


Little is known of Bayne's past. He emerged some time prior to the formation of the Justice League of Equestria as a vicious mercenary whose forces massacred the denizens of the Wanderer's outpost; however, his expertise and reputation precede this event by a significant margin, suggesting that he began somewhere outside of Equestria.


Bayne is a merciless and vindictive brute who never lets go of a grudge. To this day, he despises the Wanderer in particular for sullying his reputation by surviving his extermination of an entire military installation. He values strength above all else and revels in his capacity to smash his most hated foes with minimal effort. Nonetheless, there is a cunning mind behind the muscle and the savagery. Bayne is a paragon of strategists and an even finer chemist than the Mane-iac and Doctor Mid-Nite. The mastermind's resourcefulness and guile are not to be tested.


The WandererEdit

The Wanderer was Bayne's first and greatest nemesis. Bayne pursued the Wanderer to Maretropolis following his failure to murder the young stallion and successfully transformed him into a vampire in retribution. However, he still has not managed to kill any of the Power Ponies.

The Mane-iacEdit

Bayne despises the Mane-iac for interfering with his schemes and briefly absconding with his Venom apparatus. The Mane-iac herself has never borne any ill will towards him. Nevertheless, Bayne was willing to set aside their differences when Acolyte 2.0's army invaded Maretropolis, so they are now on less hostile terms.


Bayne also hates Goldfin for her involvement in the Wanderer's escape from his clutches, and he has vowed to kill her too. To this day, he remains the one pony whom Goldfin fears above all others. Bayne is notable for coming closer to killing her than any other villain, and he actually forced her into a brief retirement for the sake of her health.


Bayne and Gretchen the Griffon, owner of the Rusty Roost bar near Pier 10, are on amicable terms. Gretchen earned the mercenary's respect back when she was a gamble, when she robbed one of his lieutenants blind at a cards table in Griffonstone, for which reason he no longer keeps any such lieutenants. Bayne is an irregular patron of the bar, but he has promised to hold it as a sanctuary from his wrath.